Unconventional Wedding: the way you say Yes!

Unconventional Wedding: the way you say Yes!

Objective: to amaze!

In the 2.0 wedding era, the latest trends are oriented towards the famous (but not too much!) Unconventional Wedding.

We hear, more and more often, about original, unconventional, nonconformist marriage.

Choosing a wedding day with an alternative mood, however, does not mean completely distorting the canons dictated by tradition but it means reinterpreting them in a modern and personal key to bring out the true essence of the couple.

Password: dare!

It is important to let yourself be “wooed” by unique ideas and inspirations sui generis to make – on the day of the Yes – an event without precedents and without replicas!

The wedding day must reflect the personality of the groom and bride: young couples, more often than not, want a wedding without too many constraints, impositions or formal situations. Today we dream of a party with a capital F where fun, joy and light-heartedness become the dominant imperatives.

So what can become unconventional in a wedding? The answer is: everything!

Just move away from the usual diktats and draw on your imagination to organize an inimitable different wedding.

Let’s see together some aspects that can take an informal imprint.

Let’s start with the bridal look, a topic very dear to women.

A true unconventional bride is able to say no to that world that proposes and imposes expensive and apparently indispensable choices! Avoid months of research in trendy ateliers and endless dress tests.

Simply, she goes out shopping in search of the wedding dress that best represents her being a woman and a bride. A leather nail or denim details, for example, manage to play down the pure and chaste wedding dress. Even a pair of white All Stars, with lace inserts or illuminated by sequins, make the bride’s outfit cool … Stay rock!

And to emphasize our Calabrian origins, the bouquet is made not only of flowers, but also of red chillies!

What about the unconventional groom? Male wedding clothing can become casual with stylish details: the latest trend in men’s accessories is, in fact, the glass bow tie. Perfect for a modern groom who doesn’t want to go unnoticed!

Even the wedding reception can be organized in an unconventional way! Ban to traditional banquets, it is the right time to experiment with alternative spaces to typical places. An original choice is to use, as a large living room, the square or alleys typical of the picturesque villages of our South to create an exclusive event and, at the same time, promote the strategic, tourist and hospitality enhancement of the historic centers.

Of course, the arrangements, the floral and graphic design and the wedding menu can also be inspired by unusual ideas to create an open-minded wedding.

An unconventional wedding, therefore, allows you to go beyond the boundaries suggested by rigid conventions, without limits or limits to creativity.

Marriage is the moment when a love story is celebrated, yours: that day must become the memory of who you are!

And the MaidireMai Wedding Planner team loves to accept challenges and experiment with new thematic contexts to give you your way of saying Yes!

See you soon!

Maria Antonietta Iannuzzi

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