Happy birthday Glack.it

Happy birthday Glack.it

Today is Glack.it’s birthday, the first.

Well yes, 365 days have passed since that September 30, 2017 when the site www.glack.it saw the light for the first time. We want to celebrate this important event with you with a promotional coupon that can be spent on all our products.

We would like to thank all the friends, partners and especially all the customers who have supported and trusted us in these twelve months. A new year begins for Glack, many projects and many innovations are in the pipeline, one of these, as already seen, are the “limited edition” glass bow ties, a series of unique limited edition products for lovers of beauty and collectors. We started with the world of art and painting in its most noble form, we were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, a bow tie made and painted by hand that faithfully reproduces the famous painting “starry night“.


10 pieces available all over the world, to learn more read our dedicated page.

We hope this is only the first of many birthdays to celebrate together, of success and satisfaction for everyone. Today after a year we look to the future with confidence, pursuing, through passion and daily commitment, what is and remains our corporate mission:

To best satisfy the requests of a demanding public who want to surprise with elegance and style.


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