Glass Papillon Limited Edition

Glass Papillon Limited Edition

We thought about it a lot, we had been thinking for some time of launching a series of “limited edition” glass bow ties but the intent has always been to seek something truly special, not trivial, something that had not been seen before. Hence the idea of being inspired by art with a capital A …

A few weeks ago we went to the multimedia museum in Cosenza to admire Van Gogh Alive, an unforgettable sensory experience and from there we no longer had any doubts, “the first” limited edition bow tie will be dedicated to the great Dutch painter. An author, as brilliant as he was misunderstood in life, of almost nine hundred paintings and more than a thousand drawings without counting the numerous sketches not completed.







Among his many successful paintings, for the realization of the bow tie, we have chosen one of the most famous and in our opinion the most representative. “Starry Night

One of the most appreciated pictorial masterpieces in the world has a particularity that not everyone knows, it was painted from the window of a hospital, that of Saint Paul de Mausole, just outside Saint Rémy, where Vincent asked to be hospitalized in May 1889.

The bow tie is made of glass and entirely hand-painted, there are only 10 pieces in the world and this makes it even more a unique piece for enthusiasts and collectors.


First I dream of my paintings, then I paint my dreams.

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