The Papillon you don’t expect!

The Papillon you don’t expect!

We never stop, we are always looking for that detail, that material, that intuition that can make our glass bow tie even more exclusive and particular.

Our craftsman thinks creates and realizes new ideas every day.

“We are working hard to always offer you the best!” From this commitment comes Curve Glass the first glass bow tie in the world that reproduces the movements of the classic cloth bow tie.

Glass worked at very high temperatures which transforms its apparent rigidity into softness and sinuosity, an extraordinary effect which as a final result becomes a bow tie in 3D curved glass.

Never before has anything like this been seen, Glack’s Curve Glass represents an absolute innovation in the fashion accessories market.

Its construction by hand means that slight imperfections typical of craftsmanship make it even more unique.

Available in different “matt” colors with perfectly uniform shades that perfectly preserve brightness and brightness. Shipped in an elegant package, it contains a cleaning cloth, adjustable elastic and a certificate of origin and authenticity of the product.

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