The Color of Ideas

Sometimes some of you may have wondered what Pantone is and why we hear this term every year. Everything is related to the color that will be the protagonist of the following twelve months for the world of fashion, beauty and design.

Many will already know what we are talking about, but we want to explain it better to dispel any doubts!

When we talk about color we think of a company that is an international reference point: Pantone Inc.

Pantone Inc. is a company founded in New Jersey in 1962 by Lawrence Herbert, which deals with graphics technologies, cataloging and production of the color identification system. The Pantone Matching System has become the world rule in the field of graphics and is also used for the management of colors in industry and chemistry.

This system was created in the 1950s with the aim of classifying and “translating” the colors through the use of a catalog (generally called “bundle”) which simplifies the recognition of colors for CMYK four-color printing (cyan, magenta , yellow and black) via a single numeric or alphanumeric code.

This ensures efficient communication and correct color reproduction.

Pantone colors differ from the other models because they cannot be broken down into four-color process and are not obtained through an overlap: they are colors originating from a full film, at maximum intensity.

Today, however, Pantone is not only a technical tool for the design and printing industry, but a successful brand, the bearer of color as a distinctive element of products and companies.

Some companies even made a specific color their own, showing that it was a distinctive element of the brand or product. Famous examples are the red Coca-Cola (originally Pantone 484), the green Starbucks (Pantone 3298) and the Blue Tiffany (Pantone 1837). Characteristic colors, which fall within the common imagination and connect the mind to the brands mentioned.

Pantone says that the launch of the color of the year is a time to encourage the public to reflect on the importance of color in their daily choices

Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral 16-1546

We at Glack love colors in all their nuances and try to enhance them using techniques that accentuate their intensity; glass fusion, in fact, is a method that guarantees its brilliance and ensures unique and unparalleled quality and characteristics for the bow tie.

We are waiting to find out what the model color will be for the year 2020 with the desire that shades will increasingly inspire our ideas.

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